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Law Enforcement agencies are facing new obstacles that impact their mission to protect civilians and maintain national security. To combat cyberattacks and other threats to public safety, police and law enforcement organizations must embrace modern technologies.

The Law Enforcement portfolio at Carahsoft brings together industry-leading software and hardware solutions to support Federal, State and Local public safety agencies. Alongside our vendor partners, Carahsoft provides policing and investigative technologies to support mission objectives.

Carahsoft’s Solutions Equip Law Enforcement Agencies to Ensure Public Safety

Carahsoft offers proven solutions ranging from civilian facing applications to dark web analysis tools that support forensic and criminal investigation efforts. Our technology providers support public safety efforts at all levels of government with solutions for:

  • Information and intelligence management
  • Collaboration across criminal investigations
  • Data reporting, tracking and analysis

Explore Carahsoft’s portfolio of Law Enforcement software solutions below.

  • All Law Enforcement Technology Vendors
  • Data Management, Analytics and Intelligence (26)
  • Device (10)
  • Forensics (5)
  • Video and Imagery (10)
  • Dark Web (5)
  • Drones (14)

All Law Enforcement Technology Vendors

Find New Police Innovations 

Michael Rothschild, Senior Director of Marketing for Tenable, shares advice for protecting data and resources as the cybercrime landscape expands and evolves.
Don Spies, Director of Market Development for Chainalysis, discusses how law enforcement agencies can use blockchain technology to fight crime.
Lacey Wean, Director of the Law Enforcement Team at Carahsoft, walks through how the agencies that form the criminal justice system adapted to meet the challenges of COVID-19.

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Criminal Justice Technology Events

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Carahsoft June 21, 2023
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Crime Investigation Resources 

siren_flashh_poll.png LAW ENFORCEMENT RESOURCE
Law enforcement offices are struggling to streamline and benefit from new capabilities as new technologies and data streams continue to emerge. Government Business Council (GBC) polled a random sample of federal, state, county, and local law enforcement officials to provide insights on the challenges being faced by law enforcement.


How_to_Advance_Public_Safety_with_Data_Management_thumbnail.PNG LAW ENFORCEMENT RESOURCE
The ability to collect, process and manage massive amounts of data is essential for law enforcement agencies to identify and respond to emerging threats, and to carry out their mandate of keeping the public safe. Learn to leverage modern data management technologies to better address public safety challenges.


Public Safety IT News 

Carahsoft April 09, 2020

Americans rely on technology more than ever before, creating new opportunities for theft, fraud, and abuse. Law enforcement needs tools and training in digital forensics that fit their limited budgets. To address this need, Basis Technology ( is working with the Department of Homeland Security, Science and Technology Directorate (DHS S&T) to provide free online software training for Autopsy, a free tool for digital forensics. Over 500 members of U.S. law enforcement have already registered for the training.


Carahsoft October 19, 2019

The features BlackBag has incorporated into BlackLight 2019 R2 provide law enforcement agencies with AI based image recognition technology to assist with child abuse investigations.