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Reach Residents Across Channels with Conversational AI for Government Agencies

Zammo enables government agencies to communicate with their residents with conversational AI across channels. Zammo handles publishing your content conversationally across the spectrum of channels, from AI augmentation of voice-based telephony (IVR) and voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to other chat channels including a chatbot on your website, SMS (text message), Microsoft Teams, Facebook Messenger, and others. This eases the burden on staff and delivers intuitive, on-demand positive public experiences while saving money in the process. Zammo’s unified data analytics also allows your agency to learn and continuously improve your content.

Zammo for Government

Government agencies are facing near-constant change in their information environments. This can be especially challenging when existing systems are already overwhelmed, provide limited solutions for ADA and multilingual needs, and require workers to spend valuable time manually routing calls and answering simple frequently asked questions. Zammo combines Microsoft Azure AI Cognitive Services and Machine Learning in a user-friendly platform that augments your existing systems. It automates resident engagements and drives communication with human-like responses to quickly answer or re-route inquiries. Rich analytics are served to a dashboard for valuable insights that can help you serve your public.

From a simple FAQ web page link or document, any government agency employee can create and publish voice content or even develop complex multi-turn engagements. Zammo also goes further by enabling connections to APIs and integrating with backend systems. Once the voice content is created, a single click of the mouse deploys it to all activated channels. Once the content is published, optimizing customer interactions across all channels is easy by looking at the built-in data analytics dashboard.

We have virtually eliminated the need for in-depth IT involvement by providing a feature-rich platform that any user can navigate, regardless of their technical background. Business users from several departments can collaborate while drafting and editing new or existing content, ensuring accuracy and approval by multiple departments before going live. Typically, agencies convert, optimize, and publish their existing content into conversational content within 1 day of getting started.

Take Control of Analytics and Call Routing with Zammo

Traditional telephony and IVR systems alone cannot meet the evolving demands on government. The volume of resident inquiries is rising while the government workforce grows smaller and insights from communications with residents are not being captured to help understand needs and improve services. Robust analytics reporting is already built into the Zammo platform; including inquiry volume, question/answer insights, and more. Data and analytics from actual user interactions help your team to refine your content. Common optimizations include providing more refined answers, adding missing answers to questions that are being asked, and guiding the build-out of more advanced multi-turn conversations.

Government agencies also struggle with call routing which can be complex and slow, requiring multiple handoffs and long wait times. With Zammo, any staff member can implement automated and streamlined call routing strategies and establish multi-channel points of 24/7 contact for the public all while boosting workforce productivity and satisfaction at a low cost with little to no IT resources needed

And finally, Zammo also enables multilingual intelligent responses, promotes accessibility and ADA compliance for resident communications and protects personally identifiable information (PII).

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