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  • Pryon for the Federal Government

Enabling decision advantage through accurate and timely answers.

Pryon enables federal government agencies to introduce secure, innovative generative AI (GenAI) solutions that deliver accurate and timely answers from trusted content. 

Rapid access to authoritative content jumpstarts stalled workflows, cuts down on repetitive tasks, and democratizes access to knowledge. Employees and service members can quickly review complex policy documents, sift through critical SOPs in the field, and efficiently access and summarize lessons learned from disparate sources.  

Pryon can help drive productivity and improve decision-making for staff and senior leaders. 

Pryon is grounded in four key pillars. Pryon is:

  • Accurate: Precisely extracts knowledge from content stored in various formats, including text, images, audio, and video, using advanced custom-developed technologies. Retrieves mission-critical knowledge with 90%+ accuracy and delivers answers with clear attribution to source documents.
  • Trusted: Protects against data leaks through robust document-level access controls and does not train AI models on customer data. Pryon can be deployed in air-gapped, connected on-premises, and the most secure government cloud environments.
  • Built for Government: Scales to millions of pages of content, supports thousands of concurrent users, and includes out-of-the-box connectors to SharePoint, ServiceNow, Amazon S3, Box, and more.
  • Speed: Offers rapid deployment in as little as two weeks and a no-code interface for updating content. Flexibility to choose a public, custom, or Pryon-developed large language model (LLM) makes implementation seamless and highly customizable.

Analysts, operators, and support team members can use Pryon to take on various challenges with greater speed and intelligence. For example:

  • Intelligence analysts deliver accurate, timely answers to inform senior leader decisions.
  • Operations and support personnel easily find answers that inform critical planning and logistics.
  • Units and organizations quickly find and implement lessons learned, becoming more efficient and effective.

Pryon in Action

Government agencies Pryon works with to solve some of their most pressing content challenges: 

  • US Air Force Digital Transformation Office
  • US Air Force Air Mobility Command
  • Office of the Secretary of Defense / CDAO
  • IRS Criminal Investigation
  • US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) 
  • Defense Intelligence Agency (pending award)

​​​​​​​Enable decision advantage with Pryon

Pryon’s GenAI solutions, supported by a robust retrieval-augmented generative (RAG) framework, are uniquely designed to meet the rigorous demands of government operations. Using best-in-class information retrieval technology, Pryon securely delivers accurate, timely answers — improving efficiency, productivity, and decision-making.

Created by the AI pioneers instrumental in the development of Alexa, Siri, and Watson, Pryon is trusted by leading enterprises and the most security-conscious government agencies.