Crisis and Case Management Platform for Law Enforcement

ForceMetrics is a powerful tool for law enforcement that delivers critical information to first responders and co-responders, empowering them to make better, more informed decisions in real-time. The high-speed search, insights, and analytics platform streamlines the process of navigating large amounts of data across disparate systems. By providing faster access to critical information, ForceMetrics helps responders more efficiently and effectively serve their communities while addressing social issues such as homelessness, domestic violence, gun violence, and mental health challenges. This reduces cost and risk for government agencies while avoiding undue injury to both community members and responders. Built with security top of mind, ForceMetrics is CJIS-compliant and SOC 2 certified.

The ForceMetrics Core Platform enables data-backed decisions through built-in analytics, enhanced search capabilities, and machine learning labeling. Technical and non-technical users alike can use ForceMetrics to:

●      Search data across existing CAD, RMS, and JMS systems in a single application, using one intuitive search bar.

●      Navigate structured and unstructured data to find information otherwise difficult or impossible to search or quantify.

●      Receive push notifications on recent activity and saved searches.

●      Aggregate calls and incidents for a given entity across systems into a single view.

●      Display actionable strategic and tactical metrics collected across existing systems.

Make your data work for you by getting started with ForceMetrics today.

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