Bringing your law enforcement bulletins to life with AI

Multitude Insights is a veteran-owned startup featuring BLTN, an information and intelligence-sharing platform. On BLTN, we use intelligent forms to drastically speed up the creation of law enforcement BOLOs, attempt-to-locate, missing persons, and other bulletin-style notices. Once a user uploads a post about criminal activity, the information is algorithmically delivered across the agency or agencies, cutting down on spam and ensuring each officer sees only what is essential to their work. The entire database of BLTN posts is searchable, analyzable, and auditable for leadership and investigators. BLTN scans posts for connections that officers may miss and, when found, immediately alerts officers and the appropriate agencies for rapid collaboration. The BLTN Network of agencies will become THE de facto information sharing exchange in law enforcement because it’s easy-to-use, mobile-enabled, and secure.