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    With the increasing frequency and sophistication of supply chain attacks, it is critical for organizations to adopt a zero trust approach to their security strategy. This panel will bring together experts in endpoint, identity, and network security to discuss best practices for implementing zero trust in supply chain risk management. Panelists will explore the challenges and benefits of a zero trust model, share case studies of successful implementations, and provide practical advice for organizations looking to strengthen their security posture.

Stop breaches and power productivity with CrowdStrike's industry-leading, cloud-native platform.

CrowdStrike has redefined security with the world’s most advanced cloud-native platform that protects and enables the people, processes and technologies that drive modern enterprise.

CrowdStrike secures the most critical areas of enterprise risk – endpoints and cloud workloads, identity, and data – to keep customers ahead of today’s threats and stop breaches.

Powered by the CrowdStrike Security Cloud and world-class AI, the CrowdStrike Falcon platform leverages real-time indicators of attack, threat intelligence, evolving adversary tradecraft and enriched telemetry from across the enterprise to deliver hyper-accurate detections, automated protection and remediation, elite threat hunting and prioritized observability of vulnerabilities.

Purpose-built in the cloud with a single lightweight-agent architecture, the Falcon platform delivers rapid and scalable deployment, superior protection and performance, reduced complexity and immediate time-to-value.

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