Technology for aging, disability, homelessness and protective services.

WellSky® is one of America’s largest and most innovative healthcare technology companies. We offer a range of proven software solutions, analytics, and services that are transforming healthcare and public health through real-time connectivity, greater visibility, and relentless innovation.

WellSky clients represent the widest range of providers across the largest connected networks. They include 2,000 hospitals, 1 in 3 home-and community-based providers, the majority of state and community social service agencies, and many others. Every day, more than 5 million caregivers depend on WellSky as they deliver high-quality care to more people, while also lowering costs and helping their organizations grow.

As the impacts of the social determinants of health become better understood and as healthcare and public health become more interdependent, WellSky is uniquely positioned to bring it all together —not only by providing the very best solutions for each type of care, but also by connecting those solutions to achieve something new… connected care, smarter care. With our intelligent care management platform, our clients are empowered to:

  • Optimize care delivery through industry-leading, purpose-built solutions and services
  • Connect the care continuum using interoperable technology
  • Enable whole person care and drive enterprise outcomes across clinical, operational, and financial levers
  • Outperform in value-based care and emerging health-at-home models employing population-level analytics and care coordination

This approach —powered by WellSky’s unique capabilities and technology —allows providers, health systems, payers, and community organizations to communicate, collaborate, and continuously improve… because together, we can realize care’s potential.

WellSky solutions for state and community programs allow public sector organizations to streamline operations and optimize program performance with highly configurable program management software and services.

By bringing together more of your state’s services under a single umbrella, you can promote thoughtful, efficient care that encompasses the complete situation of every person. More than 70% of states work with WellSky® to manage Medicaid waivers, the Older Americans Act, adult protective services, and other federally funded programs.


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