Accelerate your adoption of a modern and adaptive CIAM infrastructure

Nuggets is a decentralized identity platform and payment wallet which guarantees trusted transactions, verifiable credentials, uncompromised compliance and the elimination of fraud - all with a seamless user experience and increased enterprise efficiencies.

Most progressive organizations today recognize that they have two big thorns in their side when it comes to data integrity:

  • The increasing cost and challenges associated with data privacy.
  • Ever more sophisticated scams and rampant fraud, which diminishes the bottom line.

Nuggets solves for both.

Unparalleled Data Privacy
The problem:

  •  It’s increasingly difficult to defend and uphold centralized systems to safeguard customer data.
  • Data breaches and ransomware are becoming more common, damaging public perception and resulting in hefty fines.
  • Regulation is mounting and the demand on businesses to prove they’re compliant is a heavier and heavier task.

The Elimination of Fraud
The problem:

  • Deepfakes, cybercrime and phishing schemes are rampant, which also have a knock-on effect on trust

Our solve:

  • We leverage decentralized systems to ensure that you as an organization no longer need to hold or protect personal data - removing any risks for data breaches
  • Instead credentials sit with the user who controls their use
  • Within the user wallet, we combine identity, compliance and payments; a unique and powerful proposition which ensures both personal and transaction-based details are available and verified.

We guarantee trusted transactions.

  • We can authenticate that each login and each transaction is the right person
  • It also saves time and money when it comes to eliminating the costs involved in investigating and minimizing fraud

Through verifiable credentials.

  • We use W3C Verifiable Credentials (VCs) for identities, authentication and communications. Ensuring that all interactions are from the verified party.
  • Resulting in VCs that are trustworthy, tamper-proof and can be shared, reverified or revoked.
  • Unparalleled privacy, without compromise.

With full compliance.

  • We can deliver on all regulation obligations without the risk of fines.

All with a seamless user experience.

  • We’ve built a best-in-class user experience.
  • Reducing friction from a user perspective, whilst increasing privacy and security.

And increased organizational efficiencies.

  • Nuggets creates one reusable and portable identity for users, allowing them to move fluidly within the organizational ecosystem and providing a single user view.
  • Streamlining new product and service releases as login and/or departmental hurdles.

We are a singular solution. And we’re an integrated one with the ability to connect with existing CIAM and CRM solutions.

Nuggets is available for immediate live deployment to accelerate rollout and implementation with options to customise or integrate with your chosen tools and procedures.

Bringing it all together, in a market where identity services are ubiquitous, no one else can do what we do.