Streamlining Government Procurement with Automated Compliance Monitoring Solutions

Avisare is a universal vendor registration, procurement and eCertification SaaS platform built to enable small businesses to compete for public and private contract opportunities. Our platform & RFP tool leverages AI to help government agencies and corporations find and vet vendors while promoting innovation, environmental sustainability, and diversity in the global supply chain all in one portal.  As a central marketplace, Avisare's tools empower small business owners to successfully find and compete for contracts by focusing on collaboration, transparency, robust tracking and reporting. Avisare’s integrated suite of products (a universal registration portal, online certification, RFP posting and matching, project forecasting, electronic bidding, prime contractor tracking, and outreach compliance reporting) streamlines the sourcing process by focusing on collaboration, transparency, robust tracking and reporting.

Learn how the Avisare platform harnesses the power of procurement within a region to grow local business through regional marketplaces.

Avisare harnesses the power of regional institutions such as municipalities, educational institutions, healthcare networks, hospitals, and more, to create centralized regional marketplaces that help grow business in a region. We eliminate the need for all participating organizations to completely switch systems by adding a layer to the procurement stack that connects via API to existing systems and provides real-time data, a shared vendor network, seamless certification reciprocity and much more!