Automated investment accounting and reporting

Clearwater provides the public sector market with complete, accurate, timely, and consumable investment data across their entire portfolios and asset classes. With Clearwater, investment and accounting professionals can do their jobs more efficiently and with greater accuracy than ever before. The most successful Governments/Pensions use Clearwater to reduce their risks, hidden costs, and improve adaptability through automation, accuracy, and elimination of related IT infrastructure costs. Employee bandwidth is freed from performing manual accounting processes filled with inaccuracies and can be redeployed to more meaningful company objectives.

Clearwater improves accuracy and consistency across job functions, systems, and asset classes. Processing speed is increased, investment knowledge is improved, and reaction time is reduced. The era of low yield/high price volatility has led to increasingly esoteric, less liquid exposures, more complex strategies, and the need to digitally transform due to the limitations of their on-premises, legacy software solutions.

Measuring and judging the efficacy of exposures and strategies is difficult in today’s world. Legacy systems and internal processes are ill-equipped to adapt and scale alongside your growing portfolio. The inability to obtain a comprehensive view of the plan’s investments across countries, assets, strategies and reporting regimes decreases your ability to manage risk and agility to react to opportunities. This means Governments/Pensions are looking to complex asset classes which their current systems and processes are ill-equipped to manage. As a result, pensions are struggling with:

  • Managing a large patchwork of legacy on-premises technology with multiple data warehouses
  • Inefficient (often manual) processes leading to lower data integrity, reduced auditability and high cost
  • Current and potential high value employees doing low value tasks – often repetitive and mindless
  • Poor user experience and reporting flexibility leading to lack of real-time intelligence
  • Communication barriers between asset class and functional silos due to non-conformity between specialized systems and processes

Clearwater solves the problems of aggregating and reconciling your investment data across all systems and managers every day by:

  • Organizing investment data at a granular level across the full range of simple and complex investments available in today’s global marketplace
  • Enhancing your investment data with verified third-party sources for enhanced reporting insight
  • Providing a comprehensive “single-pane of glass” user interface with significant flexibility for clarity and utility

Serving as a “golden copy” source with technology to interface with specialized systems and 3rd- parties enhancing consistency throughout your execution and review process As a result, the Clearwater Platform can replace multiple legacy systems and eliminate manual processes and wasted man-hours. With Clearwater, pensions benefit from timely aggregated, validated, reconciled, accurate information with supporting details. Our data shows removing the burdens of manual processes around aggregation and reconciliation frees an average bandwidth of 3 – 4 FTE’s for more fulfilling and better usage.

On average, Clearwater clients experience:

  • › 57% time reduction for compiling and reconciling data
  • › 23% reallocation in operations headcount deployed to more in-depth tasks