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Salesforce is an integral platform in many government & public sector organizations. As a Salesforce user and because of the Shared Responsibility Model, you are responsible for your data security after any custom development or modifications to your Org.

In 2021, as mandated by Executive Order 14028, NIST published “Guidelines on Minimum Standards for Developer Verification of Software,” which outlines the minimum application security testing requirements for software used by the US Government:

  • Static source code scanning to look for security bugs (SAST)
  • Heuristic tools to look for possible hardcoded secrets -Use of built-in checks and protections
  • Code-based structural & Historical test cases
  • Fuzzing & Web application scanners or runtime testing (DAST/IAST)
  • Address included code, third-party software libraries, packages, & services (SCA)

Only continuous and full-spectrum coverage can keep you fully aware of your Salesforce security posture and assured of meeting your compliance requirements. General-purpose security testing tools available often miss critical vulnerabilities because they were not built for Salesforce.

This is where DigitSec comes in. DigitSec is one of the only comprehensive application security testing platforms purpose-built for Salesforce. It also one of the few solutions that helps meet the new NIST testing standards in the Salesforce ecosystem, combining static code analysis (SAST), interactive runtime testing (IAST), software composition analysis (SCA), and security config review into a single process.

DigitSec reduces risk and accelerates development by providing continuous Salesforce security & compliance monitoring. It will help you test, find and fix vulnerabilities that you create as you customize Salesforce.

Request a demo of DigitSec to how of we can help enhance your Salesforce security in a fast and automated way.

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