Simplifying Cryptocurrency Investigations

ZenLedger integrates with platforms like Elliptic and Chainalysis for an end-to-end crypto investigative tool.  The value in this integration is to fill in gaps with regard to Blockchains, Exchanges, and Digital wallet formats that most blockchain forensics companies don’t touch.

ZenLedger Core Competencies:

  • Unified Data: We pull in data from hundreds of sources and aggregate it into a single cohesive view (that is fully sortable and exportable as needed)
  • Pricing: Current and historical pricing for thousands of assets is something that we do exceptionally well, which helps for financial analysis involving moving large quantities of money around and swapping it to random tokens
  • Transaction Types: We identify the nature of complex types of transactions, such as liquidity pools, staking, mixers/tumblers
  • Quantitative vs qualitative: How much of X asset did a user have in each exchange, wallet, etc., at Y point in time? How much was it worth then? How much is it worth now? These are all questions we answer probably better than anyone else
  • Code Base: 90% of ZenLedger code base has to do with our core competencies (listed above), while 10% is the accounting logic back-end that allows cost-basis for crypto tax automation

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