Empower Your Organization's Cyber Defense

Comprehensive Cyber Risk Program
WhiteHawk's Cyber Risk Program serves as an independent audit mechanism, addressing the pressing need to identify, validate, prioritize, and mitigate cyber risks and threats across government enterprises, affiliates, and key suppliers. Its benefits include:

  • Continuous Risk Monitoring: The program provides on-demand monitoring, prioritization, and mitigation action plans, ensuring that cyber risks are consistently assessed and addressed.
  • Compliance and Resilience Reporting: By assessing, baselining, and reporting on cyber compliance, maturity, and resilience metrics, the program helps government agencies stay informed and compliant with regulatory standards.
  • Resource Optimization: It assists in prioritizing limited organizational resources based on key risk and threat mitigation needs, ensuring that resources are allocated effectively.
  • Next-Generation Solutions: The program facilitates continuous reach-back to vetted next-generation risk mitigation solutions, such as SaaS pen testing or red team exercises, aligning with evolving cybersecurity needs.

Innovative Cyber Risk Radar
WhiteHawk's Cyber Risk Radar focuses on cyber-supply chain risk management, offering automated, scalable, and compliant vendor and supplier risk mitigation solutions. Its benefits for the public sector include:

  • Global Risk Discovery: By collecting, analyzing, and correlating openly available datasets, the Cyber Risk Radar enables comprehensive risk discovery, essential for managing supply chain vulnerabilities.
  • Continuous Monitoring and Alerts: It provides continuous monitoring of vendors' security postures, maturity levels, and compliance status, ensuring timely alerts for impactful changes.
  • Vendor Engagement Automation: The platform streamlines vendor engagement, from self-assessments to risk mitigation, enhancing efficiency and consistency in vendor management processes.
  • Risk Prioritization and Mitigation: Prioritizing business actions based on key regulatory and compliance frameworks, the Cyber Risk Radar helps government agencies focus on mitigating the most critical risks.
  • Integrated Risk Management Dashboard: By integrating all risk management activities into a single dashboard, the solution offers a comprehensive view of risk mitigation programs and artifacts, facilitating informed decision-making.
  • Portfolio Risk Trends Analysis: It enables the understanding of risk and threat trends across all vendors in the portfolio, allowing for targeted risk management strategies based on factors like region, size, or sector.

In summary, WhiteHawk Inc.'s Cyber Risk Program and Cyber Risk Radar empower public sector organizations to proactively manage cyber risks, enhance compliance, optimize resource allocation, and strengthen overall cybersecurity resilience across their ecosystems.

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