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Explore End-to-End Data Solutions for US Federal Government

Quantum Government Incorporated (QGI), a subsidiary of Quantum focused on the US Federal Government and public sector, provides Federal agencies with an end-to-end, AI-driven data platform to store, protect, archive, analyze, and enrich unstructured data, including high-performance storage platforms, solutions for enterprise backup, video surveillance, and long-term data archiving. QGI’s platform features AI capabilities to easily search, tag, catalog, and analyze Fed data to unlock the hidden value in mission-critical data for better decision making, informing policy decisions, bolstering national security, and to better serve constituents.

QGI has a focused and dedicated US Federal Government team that includes cleared personnel with extensive reach into the DoD and Intel community. Hundreds of US Federal and public sector agencies rely on QCI products and services for use cases, such as geospatial capture and analysis, data forensics, data protection and backup, intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance, and data archiving and digital preservation.

  • Comprehensive Solutions for Any Federal Data Need

QGI offers the broadest range of solutions designed for demanding Federal data workloads, including intelligence, DoD, AI/ML, geospatial and ISR data, video surveillance, training video, and more. Instead of disparate solutions from multiple vendors, QGI delivers an end-to-end platform for unstructured data across the entire lifecycle.

  • Modern Storage Infrastructure to Keep Pace with Change

QGI’s modern, end-to-end solutions are built to grow and adapt as needs change. They enable Federal agencies to scale on demand, collaborate among dispersed teams, use AI to fully leverage data, optimize workloads across core, edge, and cloud, simplify system management, and ensure data is protected from cyberthreats.

  • The Power to Unlock Insights from Federal Data

Not only do QGI solutions store, manage, protect, and archive Federal data, they also feature AI capabilities to easily search, tag, catalog and analyze data to unlock insights for faster decision making, improved national security, and to better serve constituents.

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