Secure Software Development Solution

Have you “CodeLocked” your software? CodeLock provides a secure block-chain wrapper around code that prevents unknown malware from accessing source code repositories and enables security engineers and software developers to establish a forensic chain of custody between every line of code they create. With an intuitive interface and streamlined user experience, this code security integrates with the developer’s IDE to provide attestation from the source while a centralized hub for management and reporting supports project oversight. This enhances collaboration and drives productivity throughout the software lifecycle. Prioritize code-level protection of software artifacts and Government regulation compliance by tracking, tracing, auditing and securing software development frameworks.

Preventing Software Supply Chain Attacks in the Public Sector

New malware and other cyberattacks are constantly evolving, so Public Sector organizations must secure their software supply chains with a comprehensive application development solution that leverages blockchain technology and post-quantum cryptography to prevent emerging threats. In partnership with Carahsoft, CodeLock provides value-added DevSecOps tools to strengthen compliance, establish accountability and enhance security for the Public Sector. Effortlessly oversee CodeLock tools, from a single user-friendly security and compliance dashboard. Reinforce your investment in Application Security Testing (AST) programs through alerts on code changes and activities in the repository from unknown threats. To foster a culture of accountability and transparency in software development initiatives, explore CodeLock solutions and learn how to secure your software chain of custody with digital code signing, automated scanning and threat remediation features.

Maintain Forensic Chain of Custody with Code Security Software

CodeLock's integrated Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) layers safeguard every line of code against unauthorized access, tampering and otherwise unknown system vulnerabilities. Our robust Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) security solutions utilize digital signatures to authenticate the source of the code and verify its integrity. This level of Zero-Trust security directly prevents software supply chain attacks, ensuring the accountability and confidentiality of software development projects.

code security software ensures forensic chain of custody

lock code with digital signatures

Ensure Accountability by Locking Code with Digital Signatures

Accountability in software development is about ensuring transparency and traceability in the coding process. CodeLock’s solutions foster a culture of accountability by enabling comprehensive tracking and tracing of software development activities. Harnessing advanced AI/ML capabilities, CodeLock empowers Government agencies to gain valuable insights into development activity, enhance productivity and proactively identify potential threats. By establishing a forensic chain of custody between software developers and the code they create, we ensure that every commit pushed is accountable, promoting trust and reliability throughout the secure software development lifecycle.

Achieve Compliance and Prevent Unauthorized Access with CodeLock Solutions

Discover how to seamlessly create a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) and align with secure software development frameworks. Comply with current and future Public Sector regulations, such as NIST 800-218, and provide easy to manage storage of assets, tracking of task statuses and aggregated reporting. CodeLock facilitates a secure software development lifecycle, protected from unknown threats, helping agencies enhance the security of mission-critical SaaS applications. Confidently navigate the complexities of compliance in the Public Sector software development landscape.

codelock prevents hackers from accessing source code

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