Discover a Better Approach to Security

PhishFirewall is revolutionizing security awareness training by leveraging the power of AI and behavioral science to deliver a highly engaging and effective learning experience. Their cutting-edge approach goes way beyond traditional tools, offering a comprehensive solution that combines advanced technology with proven methods to change the way people think and act when it comes to cybersecurity.

PhishFirewall's AI Cyber Coach guides each user through personalized training that focuses on what they need to learn, ensuring maximum retention.

Their innovative 30-second micro-lessons break down complex topics into easily digestible sessions that fit into busy schedules. This bite-sized approach effectively helps users retain information and change behaviors.

Realistic, automated phishing simulations safely test users' abilities to identify and prevent real threats to their organizations.

PhishFirewall's AI automates user management, training delivery, progress tracking, and reporting. This frees IT and security teams to focus on big-picture strategies while still providing quality training.

PhishFirewall is transforming cybersecurity training with its user-friendly, AI-powered platform. It combines bite-sized lessons, realistic simulations, and a positive, encouragement-focused approach to effectively change behaviors and build a strong security culture. Ditch the old, ineffective training that blames employees and trade it in for a more positive approach that empowers your employees. 

PhishFirewall's use of behavioral science techniques, such as immediate feedback, repetition, and positive reinforcement, goes beyond teaching to influence thinking and actions. This holistic approach cultivates a strong cybersecurity culture where all employees actively defend against digital threats.

PhishFirewall is transforming cybersecurity training with its innovative, AI-powered platform. Their bite-sized lessons, personalized coaching, realistic simulations, and automated management make learning effective and engaging. By leveraging behavioral science, PhishFirewall doesn't just teach, it changes how people think and act to create a strong security culture.

Don't settle for outdated, ineffective training. Upgrade to PhishFirewall and empower your employees to become your strongest line of defense against cyber threats.  Don’t just settle for compliance based training that merely checks a box, do more than check the box with PhishFirewall and start keeping security front of mind and hackers at bay.