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Pandemic Smart Movement Means Choice and Health Equity Positive public health outcomes happen when we have the tools to understand risks to our health and well-being. Our pandemic-inspired mission resulted in developing new solutions for communities facing health disparities during pandemics and epidemics. By helping people manage their wellness and social fitness, we identify daily movement choice options, in normal times and during pandemics, to stay socially connected and active. Movement choice options are based on each person’s unique health risk profile.

Why now?

The pandemic response fell short in safeguarding at-risk communities, exacerbating health disparities. Global loneliness rates surged during the pandemic, compounding an existing decades-old upward trend. As the pandemic is declared over, loneliness rates continue to worsen, as people substitute human connection with smart devices and social networks.

Per the CDC, At-risk communities are disproportionately harmed. Regional outbreaks and virus cycles necessitate ongoing monitoring for informed decision-making for health disparity communities. According to a Gallup poll conducted in February 2023, nearly half of the US population indicates some level of self-isolation, with a quarter of those surveyed still avoiding large crowds.

In light of these pressing concerns, the need for action is urgent. Our software empowers those most at-risk people to safeguard their health and social fitness using data science. Our free innovative Roamwell app and software solutions pave the way toward a healthier, more connected future.