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Discover Keyavi Data: The world's first Self-Protecting, Intelligent, and Self-Aware data platform.

Keyavi Data’s mission is to solve the persistent problems of data loss and data theft. Keyavi technology is the world’s first API-based data protection platform that wraps your data with multiple layers of encryption and user-defined policies, making your data Self-Protecting, Intelligent, and Self-Aware. Keyavi embeds encryption and policy-based protection directly into the data, allowing the protected files to be transport agnostic. In other words, data owners can share files through any method (e.g., email, cloud or USB drive) and the protection stays with the data wherever it goes, in perpetuity. At data owner's discretion, policies for data access can be modified or entirely revoked, allowing for dynamic protection, even after the data has left your environment. With policies based on factors including user, geolocation, time, device, and more, even if files are lost, data stays protected, ultimately making data breaches irrelevant.

Healthcare, Education, Sate and Local, and Federal government agencies rely on Keyavi to enable zero trust architecture at the data level to secure sensitive files and address various regulatory and compliance standards, such as CMMC 2.0.

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