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Streamline your processes and connect your internal teams

Jetdocs is a comprehensive workflow solution that integrates into Microsoft Teams. Our platform enables public sector organizations to streamline workflows with no-code approval and request processes across internal teams such as operations, legal, procurement, facilities, privacy, HR and more. Eliminate the chaos caused by unorganized processes like group emails and messaging threads.

By leveraging our no-code Catalog Builder, your internal teams can implement cross-functional workflows in minutes and design a custom Catalog for your needs.

Instead of manual tracking and follow ups for processes that often end up delayed, Jetdocs ensures on-time approvals and resolution with our priority center, service level agreements (SLAs) and bot that sends contextual notifications when an action is required.

Jetdocs empowers government agencies with actionable insights through robust analytics capabilities. By tracking resource allocation and utilization, agencies can make informed decisions, optimize operations, and allocate resources effectively. These insights help identify bottlenecks, improve efficiency, and enhance services for the public.

Jetdocs is the go-to workflow solution for the public sector, providing streamlined processes, traceability, actionable insights, and elimination of chaotic workflows. Government agencies can optimize operations, meet deadlines, allocate resources efficiently, and deliver exceptional services to the public with Jetdocs.