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BIG Insights, Bigger Impact: Unleashing Analytics for the Public Sector

Meet Boulder Insight Group (BIG) - your trusted data advisor. We’re a think tank of business strategists, data scientists, architects, designers, developers and educators. Together, we are respected thought leaders in the visual analytics space.

When you see your data clearly it can be transformative. We love teaching people how to best leverage their data and to use that ongoing insight to create more value. We work best with mission-and-growth oriented individuals, teams, and orgs eager to elevate their organization.

What’s the BIG Difference?

  • At BIG, our foundation lies in our unwavering commitment to our CORE VALUES—quality, integrity, respect, and honesty. We are tenacious problem solvers with a team-oriented approach that fosters growth and laughter.
  • At the heart of our expertise is the FRACTIONAL TOPIC EXPERT (FTE) MODEL, crafted with over 15 years of care and experience. We proudly offer a diverse toolbox, including Tableau, Databricks, Snowflake, SAVVI AI, Tovuti (LMS), and other tailored solutions. Our custom API Connectors work effortlessly to enhance efficiency, making your experience with us seamless and personalized.
  • What sets us apart is our HUMAN-CENTERED DESIGN APPROACH. Beyond leveraging UI/UX Best Practices, we place our clients—and their clients—at the core of everything we do. Our genuine care shines through, ensuring that our public sector clients make a lasting impact.
  • Holding true to our commitment to EMPOWERMENT AND EDUCATION, we bring innovation to life through our Tableau Templates, monthly free support via Tableau LIVE! and continuous learning in our BIG Academy equipped with a Customized Learning Management System (LMS) for each client. Our dedication extends to providing custom tutorials for any dashboard builds we do together, empowering your team to maximize investments and gain profound insights into your data.

At BIG, we don't just work with you; we genuinely care about your success.

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