RangeForce cybersecurity training platform transforms IT and security professionals into highly capable cyber defenders. Your team learns how to detect, protect, and respond to a cyber threat on a cloud-based platform that simulates cyber-attacks in complex networks. Gamified training platform provides hands-on experiences and real-life scenarios that cybersecurity professionals are faced when defending real cyber-attacks. Within hours your team is ready to anticipate and fend off attacks on your business-critical assets. RangeForce gives you actionable insights about each learners' performance and skill level, helps to identify new cybersecurity talent, and makes learning security efficiently. Learn more at rangeforce.com



RangeForce is a cloud-based cyber security simulation and training platform where IT professionals can play realistic cyber battles, including:

  • Automated attacks
  • Adaptive learning environment
  • Automated scoring system
  • Game engine and leaderboard

Products and Services

Competitive Advantage

  • Technology

    A cloud-based platform that enables to simulate cyber-attacks in complex networks for immersive gamified and adaptive learning.

  • Simulation-Based Profiling Method

    Ability to capture exceptional talent and solutions

  • Talent Recruitment

    Keeps your most talented employees engaged and competitive in their skill sets


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View this datasheet to gain an understanding of how the RangeForce simulated cyber skills platform allows you to acquire technical security skills online, learn critical skills for your team, learn how to defend against advanced attacks, and identify cybersecurity talent.


Founded in 2015 with offices in New York and Estonia, RangeForce is a cyber defense simulation company that discovers, develops and builds cyber talent within the enterprise.