No Code Mobile Application Deployment Solution for Government

Blue Cedar helps agencies and organizations quickly tame the chaos of app deployment and accelerate app release and update cycles. Blue Cedar’s platform combines an automated, no-code mobile app integration solution and groundbreaking orchestration workflow abilities to coordinate the people and processes of app deployment. For more information, visit www.bluecedar.com


Organizations are struggling to manage the people, processes, and technology for mobile app deployment. Blue Cedar takes the legwork, guesswork, and spreadsheets out of the app deployment process.

Named one of the 25 hot DevSecOps startups by Business Insider, our platform solves several of today’s top app deployment challenges:

  • Streamlines App Deployment and Subsequent Updates: Reduces roll-out timelines from months to minutes with no-code integration of custom or third-party apps – even without the source code.
  • Manages the deployment process across teams and systems: Blue Cedar’s platform also tames the inter-departmental chaos from app compilation through distribution with our new app deployment orchestration platform.
  • Supports Remote Work Initiatives: Deploy productivity apps faster to better manage your employees and provide simple, secure access to information, regardless of their location. Blue Cedar quickly enables custom or third-party apps for BlackBerry or Intune with one-click, then automatically verifies the app across multiple platforms for fast deployment that drives value and reduces headaches.
  • The ONLY Intune On-Premises Connectivity Solution Without Bringing Devices Under Management: The ONLY solution that enables Intune-enabled apps to securely connect to critical data on-premises, as well as in the cloud, without bringing devices under management.
  • Secure Single Sign-On (SSO): Easy to manage solution that authenticates to cloud or on-premises Active Directory, without requiring device enrollment or manual coding.

Use Cases

Key Use Cases


Use Case #1: End the Struggle to Add Controls to Mobile Apps

Adding new controls to an already developed mobile app is difficult for many reasons, including:

  • No source code access for third-party apps

  • Lack of developers or bandwidth to integrate the required SDKs

  • Incompatibility of an SDK with your app development framework

  • Adding controls outside of development disrupts security processes

Blue Cedar’s no-code workflow applies to apps post-build, adding controls without requiring source code, developers, or compatibility between the SDK and app framework. App import, scanning, and distribution are combined with Blue Cedar’s no-code integration service into a deployment workflow that preserves security processes.


Use Case 2: Simplify Supporting Multiple UEMs

Having multiple Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solutions happens, especially when agencies support legacy and new systems simultaneously. Supporting multiple UEMs is challenging; developers need to integrate multiple mobile application management (MAM) SDKs into apps and that makes app distribution more complex.

Blue Cedar’s no-code integration service is combined with app import, scanning, signing, and distribution into a multi-branched deployment workflow. Custom coding isn’t needed, and security processes are preserved, all while our solution automatically verifies the app across multiple platforms for fast deployment that drives value and reduces headaches.


Use Case 3: Distributing Mobile Apps is Complex

Distributing apps is more complex than it appears. An app will be pushed to multiple app stores and enterprise app catalogs. App store entries require language customizations and image assets to support local app stores in different geographies. Multiple code signing processes must be executed. Each distribution channel has unique publishing requirements.

The app distribution workflow takes the complexity out of app distribution. App import, signing and distribution services are combined into a deployment workflow with multiple branches that publishes the app to different distribution channels. Easily customizable, the workflow can be changed to distribute only through app stores and catalogs that matter to you.


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Case Study

Blue Cedar Case Study

The bank needed a way for branch personnel to access sensitive customer data in real time in order to have an efficient process within each branch, for instance providing loan approvals.

Enables global user-first mobile strategy, while complying with the bank’s zero-risk security requirements for enterprise mobile apps.

A department in the government agency had purchased a logistics app which would allow employees to use iOS devices to scan barcodes on assets across the government agency and validate those against a central asset database. The app accessed information that the government agency deemed sensitive.


The Blue Cedar No-Code Integration service makes it easy to add new functionality to mobile apps without requiring source code access or having to write code.


No-code mobile app security integration solutions rapidly embed security controls in mobile apps and free up developer time. When evaluating different no-code integration options, there are a number of criteria to keep in mind to ensure seamless integration of in-app security, mitigate risk of ...