Gimmal has been helping organizations improve information management and streamline business processes since 2002. We believe organizations deserve to spend time and money on what really matters to them. We help our customers focus on their core missions by simplifying the management of information, no matter where it exists.

Modernizing records solutions with Gimmal can help federal agencies provide timely responses to a fast growing number of requests for information as well as meeting the requirements of ongoing and new initiatives such as the Presidential Records Management Directive.


• Gimmal Workplace Governance: Improve user experience, boost efficiency, and realize the full value of your information.

• Gimmal Workplace Compliance: Ensure your most critical information is secure and easily managed under defensible, audit-ready compliance polices.

• Gimmal Workplace for SAP: Allow users inside and outside of SAP to collaborate and work on the same document-centric processes.

Upcoming Events

Check out our upcoming tradeshows below!

SharePoint Fest: March 26 - 30 - Joining DocPoint at their booth

Bringing together leading SharePoint experts from around the globe to participate in focused sessions, workshops, and provide insight into current and future Microsoft strategies.

AFCEA DCOS: May 15 - 17 - Demo at Carahsoft Pavilion

Largest event in North America for Military and Government Cyber Operations. Topics include requirements and solutions to ensure DOD networks are adaptive by leveraging cutting-edge tools and technologies

DoDIIS: August 12 - 15 - Demo at Carahsoft Pavilion

WorldWide Conference allowing participants to interact with and showcase creative technology solutions to the DOD, and IC industry leaders.

DocPoint: May 16th
Carefully planned conference to bring participants hands-on knowledge of the latest Content Management tools, technologies, and trends.

DGI EDRM: March 22nd
Join key government and industry experts to discuss technology solutions, requirements, policy updates, changes, and review examples of electronic records and e-discovery solutions. Focused around NARA’s Managing Government Records Directive (M-12-18)

9:30 Gov: August 28th
Follow up conference to DGI EDRM. Government records management professionals will be gathering to discuss best practices, policies, strategies, and innovations around digital records management and e-discovery


Archived Events


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Gimmal Workplace Governance extends SharePoint and Office 365 to help you create a digital workplace with better usability and control of all your sites, including the management of content, throughout the entire information lifecycle.

Organizations want to make the most of their investment in keeping their data compliant, but are required to maintain costly, outdated systems in tandem with modern cloud platforms to keep compliant records.

Gimmal Workplace for SAP allows people inside and outside of SAP to collaborate and work on the same document-centric processes. Connect SAP and SharePoint at the content level, the data level, and the workflow level, putting critical business information right where people work.


Learn more about Gimmal through their online Newsroom.

Gimmal, the leading provider of information governance and compliance services software announces a ground-breaking release for its flagship solution, Workplace Compliance.


A digital workplace strategy aims to eliminate the information silos filled with outdated and irrelevant content across intranets, portals, team sites, shared drives, enterprise file sync and share platforms and legacy document management systems.


Business users speculate that most of the data and information their organizations retain is unnecessary. That speculation is confirmed by at least two studies.