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Endpoint Encryption and Data Security Solutions for Government

We all need security. What we don’t need are the hassles and roadblocks that come with most security solutions, preventing us from achieving our real goals.

We’re WinMagic, a leading developer of cybersecurity solutions that, over the course of 25 years, has raised the bar for endpoint encryption. As a result of extensive experience with securing the endpoint – and a commitment to continuous innovation — WinMagic is trusted by over 2,500 businesses and government agencies around the world and has over 3 million active licenses globally.

We understand that the best security solutions are practically invisible. That’s why we develop seamless authentication and encryption solutions that are incredibly secure yet also incredibly easy to use. At WinMagic, we’re dedicated to making the world more secure. But we’re also focused on making that job easier and far more effective. Developing awesome security solutions is like rocket science. However, using them shouldn’t be.

We develop passwordless authentication solutions that require no user action and encryption that works on any device, anywhere. All managed on a single platform that ties everything together. MagicEndpoint™, our next-generation passwordless authentication, eliminates the need for stored passwords or third-party devices like phones. By leveraging this inherent capability within endpoint devices, the attack surface is significantly reduced.

When combined with SecureDoc™, our all-in-one encryption platform, MagicEndpoint ™ brings new levels of security and productivity to any enterprise. Companies will see a higher ROI while knowing all their data and employees are protected.

WinMagic’s authentication and encryption suite of products protects data within any laptop, physical or virtualized data center, on-premise or in the cloud. Our solutions are platform-independent and able to secure data on devices using Windows, Linux and Mac systems.

Good security protects people. Great security empowers them.

Let’s make great security solutions, so everyone can get on with the business of building a better world.

WinMagic: Authenticate. Encrypt. Achieve.

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