Cross-channel civic engagement platform for state and local government

Zencity is the community input and insights platform that connects local governments to their residents, making it easier for local government leaders to hear from more voices in their communities and get meaningful takeaways from that input—all in one place.

Hearing from the community is challenging, and today, most government agencies rely on limited resident feedback. Traditional feedback tools like unrepresentative surveys, hotlines, and town halls often involve the same, highly engaged residents—the “same ten people” or the “squeaky wheels”—but miss out on the rest of the community. Most people don’t engage directly with their local government, but still have a lot to say.

With Zencity, local government leaders budget, build trust, and take action based on community input. Our cross-channel platform automatically transforms all your residents’ feedback into actionable insights using AI and expert analysis to ensure you’re hearing from all corners of your community. We do this organically, by helping to make sense of the conversation that’s happening across publicly available sources like social and local media, Proactively, through accessible and inclusive resident surveys that represent the entire community, and collaboratively, with interactive digital forums that enable two-way conversations with communities around specific projects, policies, and initiatives. By capturing and understanding all this feedback, local government leaders can make decisions that best represent their entire community.

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