Waterfall Security Solutions is the global leader in industrial cybersecurity, protecting critical industrial networks since 2007. Our mission is to revolutionize how entire industries protect physical assets and industrial processes from cyber attacks. Waterfall’s patented, unidirectional products enable safe IT/OT integration, remote monitoring and diagnostics, cloud connectivity and tamper-proof forensics, without the vulnerabilities that always accompany firewalled connectivity.

The company’s growing list of customers includes national critical infrastructures and utilities, power plants, nuclear plants, offshore platforms, refineries, pipelines, pharmaceutical, chemical and manufacturing plants, and many more. Deployed throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, Waterfall products support the widest range of industrial and remote monitoring platforms, applications, databases and protocols in the market.


  • Undirectional Security Gateways (Waterfall Unidirectional Security Gateways enable safe IT/OT integration. The gateways replace firewalls in industrial network environments, providing absolute protection to control systems and operations networks from attacks originating on external networks. The Gateways enable vendor monitoring, industrial cloud services, and visibility into operations for modern enterprises and customers. Unidirectional Gateways replicate servers, emulate industrial devices and translate industrial data to cloud formats. As a result, Unidirectional Gateway technology represents a plug-and-play replacement for firewalls, without the vulnerabilities and maintenance issues that always accompany firewall deployments.)
  • FLIP (The Waterfall FLIP is a type of Unidirectional Gateway whose orientation can be reversed, enabling disciplined scheduled updates without the vulnerabilities firewalls always introduce.)
  • Secure Bypass (The Waterfall Secure Bypass Module provides physical protection for emergency and other remote support mechanisms, and gives the industrial site physical control over enabling the frequency and duration of remote access.)
  • Undirectional CloudConnect (The CloudConnect solution utilizes unidirectional security technology to enable safe and reliable IT/OT integration. Providing hardware-enforced protection, the technology allows data to flow out of industrial networks, without any possibility of attacks getting inside, and replicating data collected from the industrial devices and systems to the outside.)
  • Waterfall BlackBox (Waterfall Security’s patented BlackBox leverages Waterfall’s-market-leading, hardware-enforced unidirectional technology to securely gather, store, and transmit transaction, logs and other data into a storage repository located securely “behind” a Unidirectional Gateway. All data sent to the storage repository is stored physically outside the monitored network, inaccessible and untouchable.)
  • Undirectional Security Gateway DIN Rail (The DIN Rail version of Waterfall’s market-leading Unidirectional Security Gateway enables customers throughout all sectors to deploy unidirectional gateway technologies in any of their network locations that require a compact form factor. Without compromise, the Unidirectional Gateway DIN Rail maintains the highest level of cybersecurity available for protecting industrial control systems (ICS) and critical infrastructure facilities from remote online attacks.)