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Making trusted decisions, together.

Wiiisdom USA, Inc. is the creator and provider of 360Suite and Wiiisdom Ops.

360Suite is a set of governance solutions for SAP BusinessObjects, helping BI Leaders strive towards an insight-driven organization. Allowing customers to trust every decision they make and actions they take is our mission. 360Suite provides modern governance solutions with the aim of releasing the potential of the data analytics landscape, ensuring that it’s embraced by users, insightful for decision-makers, and valuable to organizations.

Wiiisdom Ops is an agile governance solution that allow Tableau customers to test their dashboard and ensure user trust.


  • 360Suite

    360Suite is a set of solutions to ensure quality, reliability, performance, and efficiency of SAP BusinessObjects through testing, auditing, monitoring, cataloging, and scheduling methodologies. 360Suite is designed for large organizations looking to mitigate data risks, automate operations, and is the solution of choice for any migration project.

  • ​Wiiisdom Ops

    Wiiisdom Ops is an automated testing solution for Tableau and Power BI. It allows to define automated testing scenarios, in order to validate data, comply with performance standards and ensure that every functionality is working.


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