Geospatial Technology Solutions

The Geospatial Solutions Portfolio at Carahsoft is composed of several complementary technologies that aid in the collection, dissemination, exploitation, and analysis of geographic information and create an end-to-end geospatial workflow. Users are continuously looking for better ways to integrate, store, edit, analyze, share, and display valuable geographic information. Our technologies help these organizations fuse relevant location-based data with modern mapping platforms to more effectively process information and thus enable better decision making.

As government organizations continue to ramp up their geospatial investment, it is imperative for them to seek out a solutions provider that understands their needs. Carahsoft’s strong relationships with leading geospatial partners and our deep understanding of the geospatial landscape provides customers the confidence they need to accurately match project requirements with supporting technologies.

Within this portfolio, Carahsoft is pleased to carry solutions that fall under the following categories:

  • GIS Software
  • Data Collection & Visualization
  • Architecture, Engineering, & Construction
  • Analytics
  • Map Content