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Automated Customer Experience Platform for the Public Sector

Hello Lamp Post makes public spaces interactive, resulting in easier, quicker and more cost-efficient engagement. Driven by AI, Hello Lamp Post’s engagement platform allows citizens to easily learn more about their local area and share their anonymous feedback, at the touch of a button via their cell phone.

Today, people expect responsive, user led services, but engagement can be costly and time consuming. Hello Lamp Post is supporting the public sector to overcome these challenges by offering a two-way communication platform that has the ability to reach every member of a community - even the hardest-to-reach groups. Using QR codes and strategically placed signage around public spaces, Hello Lamp Post uses a location relevant chat system to gather citizen insights, improve service delivery and reduce operational costs, at scale.

Benefits to public sector organizations:

  • Save staff time and reduce operational costs on engagement efforts
  • Inclusivity - greater reach, ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Improve service delivery and community satisfaction
  • Increase audience/ community insights
  • Live 24/7 engagement, everywhere
  • Generate revenue and consumer spending by driving footfall
  • Improve community relations, through transparent communications
  • Paperless and digital

Inclusive and available in multiple languages, Hello Lamp Post’s accessible technology can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime. Benefits for citizens include:

  • No apps to download
  • No account creation forms to fill out
  • No usage fees (texts are charged at standard local rates)
  • Comprehensive data security
  • Always operational, 24/7
  • An opportunity to provide feedback

From interactive downtowns that are saving staff time on automating answers to public queries, talking flood defenses that are reducing operational engagement costs and automated waste bins that are answering resident queries around recycling, Hello Lamp Post is supporting public sector organizations to unify their services in public spaces to create seamless customer experiences. Hello Lamp Post works with the following public sector organizations:

  • Local government
  • State government
  • Federal government
  • Hospitals
  • Education/ Universities

By making cities more centered around the needs and ideas of our citizens, Hello Lamp Post is helping to drive the way local areas and services are shaped, bettering local democracy and positively impacting places in the vision of those who use the area most.