Empowering the public sector with tailored cybersecurity training

Infosec, a part of Cengage Group, is a renowned and trusted cybersecurity training company that has been providing comprehensive support to the public sector for many years. Our company is dedicated to helping IT and security professionals advance their careers while empowering employees to be cyber-safe at work and in their personal lives. We firmly believe in putting people at the core of cybersecurity, and our mission revolves around providing accessible and engaging role-guided training to achieve this goal.

With an impressive track record, Infosec has gained the trust of over 70% of the Fortune 500 companies. They have relied on our Infosec Skills program to develop their security talent and teams. Through this program, we have successfully equipped more than five million learners worldwide with enhanced cyber-resilience. Our security awareness and phishing training platform, Infosec IQ, has played a crucial role in achieving this feat.

At Infosec, we understand that the public sector faces unique challenges in the realm of cybersecurity. Government organizations often handle sensitive data and infrastructure that require utmost protection. To address these specific needs, we offer tailored training programs designed to build a robust cybersecurity workforce within the public sector. Our comprehensive training solutions are at the forefront of the industry, ensuring that public sector employees gain the knowledge and skills necessary to safeguard critical infrastructure and sensitive information.

We are deeply committed to the public sector's cybersecurity resilience. Through our industry-leading training programs, Infosec strives to ensure that government organizations remain resilient against evolving cyber threats. We uphold the highest standards of cybersecurity and work diligently to equip public sector employees with the tools and expertise needed to protect against potential breaches and attacks.

In summary, Infosec, as a part of Cengage Group, is a highly regarded cybersecurity training company that supports the public sector. We are dedicated to advancing the careers of IT and security professionals while empowering employees to be cyber-safe. By providing accessible and engaging training, we put people at the core of cybersecurity. With a strong track record, we have been trusted by numerous Fortune 500 companies, and our Infosec Skills program has equipped millions of learners worldwide with enhanced cyber-resilience. We understand the unique challenges the public sector faces and offer tailored training programs to address their specific needs. Our commitment is to ensure that the public sector remains resilient against cyber threats and upholds the highest standards of cybersecurity.