WireSpring SmartFlow Virtual Queuing and Appointment Scheduling System

WireSpring develops technology for virtual queuing and appointment booking. Our SmartFlow platform helps federal, state, and local governments as well as schools and universities manage their in-person traffic. Ideal applications include permitting counters, public records desks, student services offices, and anywhere else where people typically have to wait in line or call ahead for an appointment.

SmartFlow enables your visitors to book an appointment online or join a first-come, first-served virtual queue. They’ll receive reminders via text or email when their appointment is coming up or it's their turn to be served.

The system can easily be customized to align with your existing visitor flows and routing rules, and your on-site staff can manage visitors in real time from their web browsers.

WireSpring also offers kiosks and digital signage players that can be paired with SmartFlow to create a comprehensive visitor engagement and communication solution.