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Powering Mission Impact with AI

Born out of working with the Department of Defense, Yurts Technologies Inc. (Yurts), is a secure and private GenAI integration platform that empowers people to do their best work. Yurts transforms knowledge management and mission critical workflows at scale through a highly adaptable, secure, GenAI platform that augments critical workflows across applications and data stores.

Private and secure deployment
‍Yurts deploys into your existing on-premises or private cloud IL-2, IL-4/5, and IL-6 environments, keeping your data safe.

One stack solution
Minimize systems administration burden with our complete solution, eliminating the need for coordination across multiple vendors.

High-quality, attributed outputs
Yurts extracts information and context from your highest-fidelity data sources, and utilizes top-performing LLMs to generate answers to urgent questions.

Faster time-to-value
Deploy AI where it matters most. Embed Chat Bots into source-of-truth applications for faster decision making, saving you time and resources.

Whether involved in battlefield operations or support roles for American warfighters, Yurts amplifies your unit’s productivity by automating repetitive documentation, enabling soldiers to be fully committed to mission success.Yurts is proud to deploy its transformative GenAI platform across the DoD, with production-ready deployments on Game Warden’s ATO. Yurts recently received "Awardable" status in the Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace, ensuring fast and seamless integrations for government agencies.