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As Samsung evolved as a mobile device manufacturer, they saw increasing needs from enterprises who wanted to get the most out of mobile devices at work. They wanted a secure, highly productive mobile experience that also met the needs of their employees to separate work from personal use, even on private devices (BYOD continues to be huge). Samsung has committed themselves to serving the mobility needs of enterprises and their employees worldwide.

Samsung has a unique solution to this problem. They built security from the hardware all the way up to the application level, significantly investing to enhance Android security where they needed more for their users.


Samsung KNOX Workspace – KNOX Workspace is a manageable on-device mobile security solution. Separate enterprise and personal data with enhanced technology secure enough to run on government grade networks. KNOX Workspace is secured from the boot up. Only the KNOX-hardened Android platform protects your infrastructure with multi-level, hardware to application security via Trusted Boot and ARM TrustZone- based Integrity Measurement Architecture (TIMA) to keep your business intelligence and network safe from hacking, viruses and unauthorized access. Learn More: https://www.samsungknox.com/en/products/knox-workspace.



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Knox is Samsung’s hardened Android platform. And while it provides a secure area where you can manage, maintain and protect enterprise intelligence, Knox is much more than a container —it’s a platform. It provides enhanced security by protecting the integrity of the entire device, from h...

In today’s mobile ecosystem, there are many types of certifications currently in the market. Of these, some of the most important are Common Criteria and FIPS. Samsung has vigorously pursued and achieved validation through each of these certification programs. Samsung devices are also equipped ...


Learn how you can provide instant customization on your devices by using KNOX Custom Configurator. This video features Out-Of-The-Box experience and Design-Your-Device concept for cost effective SW customization though the cloud based provisioning tool.

When it comes to devices for business use, there really isn't a true one-size-fits-all solution. With the KCC, custom settings can be deployed to ensure a consistent, secure experience across all your devices.

This book explains the story behind KNOX, the KNOX platform, and KNOX products, and wraps up by giving an overview of a few Samsung KNOX capabilities.

Today, employees are "always on," which for you means always vulnerable. With malware and security breaches happening daily and the rising popularity of BYOD, you need a secure mobile platform that works 24/7. It's also important that the devices are desirable and that employees are confident their ...

Google and Samsung are committed to mobile enterprise security, each bringing its own considerable expertise to the challenge of protecting devices and data from ever-growing threats and attacks. Backed by years of research, Samsung KNOX offers unsurpassed levels of mobile security that make Sam...

Using the Samsung KNOX Workspace Mobile Device Management (MDM) APIs, IT admins can install and enable applications automatically. The simplifi ed enrollment process supports the fully automated creation of an enterprise-grade Workspace and provisioning of apps and policies.

KNOX Customization fine-tunes Samsung mobile devices for specific business needs. 

The Knox security platform delivers mobile device security from the hardware up through the application layer.