Quantum-Secure Firewall VPN Encryption Solution for Public Sector

Arqit provides advanced cryptographic technology that hardens traditional VPN communication, protecting your organization against the cyber threats of today and the quantum attacks of tomorrow. Arqit's overlay onto the PKI encryption used by firewalls gives the highest possible (quantum-safe) security today for government departments and agencies and reduces overall reliance on PKI. It conforms to NIST standards for cryptography as well as the NSA's recommended use of symmetric pre-shared keys for post-quantum cryptography. It allows the public sector to immediately meet with President Biden’s National Security Memorandum NSM-10 for modernizing encryption.

What is it? QuantumCloud™ is a cloud-based service that allows connected firewalls to use Arqit’s patented protocol to create encryption keys on demand over a public channel without any risk of interception. It can easily be integrated with existing deployed network infrastructure within hours using a lightweight, downloadable software agent. There is no specialised hardware required and no change to existing firewall encryption configuration e.g. use of AES256 cipher.