Automate Manual Processes with Intelligent Document Processing Solutions for Government

Parascript state-of-the-art Intelligent Document Processing software incorporates proprietary AI technologies to provide robust data capture solutions that bring the highest levels of accuracy when processing documents. Parascript’s automation software can scale quickly to handle large amounts of complex data, often removing the human from the process completely. With over three decades of experience applying AI to solve complex problems, Parascript can automate document-oriented processes in structured, semi-structured, and unstructured formats.


Natural Language Processing for Unstructured Documents

Using propriety natural language processing technology, Parascript software can efficiently solve challenging tasks such as extracting key contractual terms in a legal document, extracting named entities in unstructured documents, locating paragraphs related to the legal description of property within contracts, provide sentiment analysis, and much more.

Providing Convenience & Cost Savings To The Public Sector

Healthcare organizations, higher-education institutions, public assistance programs, and other public sector organizations have benefited from the high level of accuracy and cost savings provided by Parascript document automation software. With the ability to handle private data as part of an on-premises solution or secure cloud solution, data security and confidentiality is paramount.

Machine Learning For Fast & Simple Deployment

Parascript solutions use machine learning for fast deployment and increased recognition rates, and learning continues in the background after deployment to increase accuracy over time. Parascript software is available as an SDK or full end-user solution with a simple interface.

Customized Client Support From US-based Team

With an entirely US-based research and development team and high-levels of support, many of Parascript’s clients span decades of continued partnership. Across an expansive partner network, Parascript software processes more than 100 billion documents annually, and existing applications range from the postal industry to veterans’ benefits applications and hundreds of other processes.