DryvIQ for Government

Proven at enterprise scale, DryvIQ leverages modern advances in artificial intelligence to scan, classify, archive, migrate, and continually execute automated actions on your content—no matter the system type (e.g., cloud sharing service, BLOB store, on-premises, NFS/SAN/NAS, ECM platform, etc.) or geolocation.

Inventory & Analyze 

With 40+ out-of-the-box system connectors, access and analyze all your unstructured data via a single interface. DryvIQ’s patented AI-based discovery engine provides both aggregate and granular file-level and content-level insights, such as how much, where it is, how old it is, last touched, what type it is, who owns it, who has access to it, whether it expired past its retention date, what is overshared, etc.

Create Curated Unstructured Datasets for AI Modeling

Eliminate false relevancy by purging and filtering duplicate and stale content. Target cleansed data for specific AI model training.

Classify & Label

Architected for multi-petabyte scale, leverage DryvIQ’s pre-trained AI models to scan, assess, and label content by automatically detecting PII, PCI, PHI, financials, credentials, hidden passwords, Intellectual Property, as well as other vulnerable content as defined by your organization. Discover top-secret, confidential, or controlled unclassified information (CUI) within unstructured data using DryvIQ’s out-of-the-box classifiers that recognize 1,000+ common document types, 5,000+ common governmental and organization forms, 175+ languages, 160+ entities, and pre-defined keyword lists, as well as 12 sensitive image object types. Classifiers and entity types can be tailored to suit an Agency’s specific needs, ensuring accurate and precise data classification.

Organize & Cleanse 

Continually archive stale content by moving it to low-cost cloud storage and purge expired files to meet your existing retention policies. Define, refine, and optimize content organization within new and existing systems by leveraging results from DryvIQ’s Inventory Scan.


Move files across storage systems at remarkable speed and scale. Leverage DryvIQ’s scan and inventory results to intelligently refine, organize, and optimize your file structure on your new platform. Preserve all file metadata, tags, notes, permissions, sharing profiles, document versions, linked files (e.g., XLS) timestamps, and other storage system-supported attributes.

Automated Actions

The DryvIQ platform helps Agencies automate policy enforcement to support compliance and ongoing data governance. Continually sort, move, organize, quarantine, update permissions and sharing rights, redact data, quantum encrypt files, and a myriad of other automated or custom functions and 3rd party system triggers.  

DryvIQ can be readily deployed on-premises or within your private cloud. We team with our trusted VAR, FSI, CRADA, and other partners to provide enablement and boutique support. All core DryvIQ Software is architected and built in the USA. We are ITAR, ISO-27001, and SOC-2 Certified. 

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