A comprehensive, automated staff scheduling and time management system

Founded in 2003, Care Systems' Mission is and always has been to deliver market leading hospital workforce management solutions that empower our clients to improve efficiency, enhance employee satisfaction and maximize business profitability. Care Systems was rated #1 in capability and customer support services by the American Hospital Association in 2008, and in "user-friendliness" (the scientific word being usability) by the State of California in 2014. Despite these accolades, we constantly strive for ways to enhance and improve our products. Over the past year we have been introducing AI techniques to enhance our usability and effectiveness. Our fully pre-integrated suite of 6 modules will help you estimate coverage needs, create and then manage efficient schedules and keep track of your employees' time and attendance. Given that there are many manual steps used today, our fully automated system saves managers and super users dozens of hours every month in scheduling. It is time managers can devote to better patient care! Our products are designed to be flexible and fully customizable to suit any complex environment needing precision scheduling and time management. Care Systems provides its users with the freedom to define the work rules, the required qualifications needed and all other policies unique to your organization.