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Electronic Records Management Software for Government

Collabware frees people from information chaos so that they can improve the world around them. We provide the most secure cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) records management application on the market. With our FedRAMP Joint Authorization Board (JAB) Provisional Authority to Operate (P-ATO), Collabspace is the most trusted software in Records Management and Records Security.

FedRAMP Security

Cyber-Security and ZeroTrust mandates continue to evolve, so agencies must remain compliant as the technology and security landscape changes. Collabspace protects your information with more than 400 security controls, Write Once Read Many (WORM) Compliant Storage, data encryption and more. Collabspace Security is continually monitored to ensure that we continue to protect agencies' data in accordance with the most up to date rules and laws.

Federal Records Compliance

Since 2022, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) has identified records management as a Top Management Challenge for 7 top tier government agencies and delivered several dozen Audits, Inspections or Evaluations specifically citing records management. Collabware quickly and securely helps federal agencies comply with Records Management and Data Lifecycle mandates, not limited to Directives M-23-07 / M-19-21.

Data Governance at Scale

Data Sprawl is a problem for many government agencies. Collaborative spaces like Teams, SharePoint and even File Shares and others continue to see overwhelming growth when it comes to unstructured data. With this level of content growth, agencies have a compounding risk that their content will remain out of control. Collabspace applies governance and compliance rules as the data / documents are created by users, ensuring compliance scales with data growth.

Multi-Cloud / MultiSystem

Government agencies are challenged to manage all records from all their systems. Some agencies have hundreds of different systems spanning multiple clouds. Collabspace is a Multi-Tenant SaaS data lake solution that can connect to those systems. Collabspace offers agencies a predictable method to an iterative implementation to match agencies pace, budget and Multi-Cloud strategy.

Records Digitization

Agencies have yet to scan or digitize hundreds of millions of physical paper records, some estimate more. Agencies are challenged to ensure that those digitized documents are in fact records and to ensure that they can meet records compliance as soon as they are digitized. If records are born digital or paper-to-digital, Collabspace can auto-categorize content to agencies' retention schedules as the records enter our system.

Records & Data Lifecycle

Agencies are charged to destroy or disposition records in accordance with NARA regulations and federal data lifecycle. Collabspace provides defensible disposition that meets NARA requirements with certificates of disposition. We automate these processes based on agency policies and government mandates so that records management teams can do more with less.

Knowledge Preservation

Government employees and contractors retire, change jobs and contracts all the time. Contracts could end, a Capstone person could retire or a Presidential Transition could take place. In any case agencies must preserve the knowledge from those people, often dozens at a time. Collabspace quickly captures individual email accounts and storage accounts and can reassign the content to their supervisor, ensuring that knowledge is preserved.

Discovery & Search

Many agencies begin each new year with FOIA backlogs in the thousands and no good way to search all the content quickly and efficiently. With federated search, automatic audio / video transcription, and other content enrichment features, agencies can discover and apply legal / preservation holds to all relevant content with speed and certainty.


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