Early Warning Threat Intelligence for the Public Sector

Effective threat intelligence is about delivering actionable information before an incident occurs, so organizations have the time to assess threats and prioritize defense efforts. Apollo's unique human intelligence (HUMINT) approach immerses experts in the cybercriminal underworld, to extract critical intelligence directly from the source. Gathered intelligence provides a detailed understanding of cybercriminal plans, tactics, and the methodologies behind attack preparations and executions, so you can prioritize your cybersecurity efforts and proactively defend against what is coming. 

Apollo's proprietary intelligence methodology is honed to identify and verify cybercriminal activities targeting the federal and state/local public sector. Apollo is led by some of the industry's most respected security professionals steeped in real-world operational experience in both the SLED and federal sectors. Our approach to security focuses on the unique risk profile of the agency or jurisdiction and aligns all outcomes with an efficient allocation of cybersecurity resources.

Effective threat intelligence is actionable. Indicators of Compromise (IOC) or nation-state sector reports are useful, but only human intelligence can identify what assets criminals are targeting within your organization. Advance knowledge of those behaviors tips the balance back in your favor. With Apollo’s threat intelligence-enabled services, you will know what threats are targeting your sector, reduce your cybersecurity risk to critical operations, and enable you to get ahead of incidents before they occur.