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Arxan is the global leader in application security and management. Arxan provides code protection, in-app key and data encryption, secure app distribution, and data and policy management. Public sector, federal, state and local governments trust Arxan to protect their mobile applications against tampering and reverse engineering attacks that can lead to fraud. Arxan’s real-time threat data and analytics enable security teams to spot emerging attacks and optimize defenses to prevent threats from spreading. Arxan’s enterprise app management solution works with or without device management, creating the industry’s most comprehensive application protection portfolio.


  • Layered, adaptive app and data protection
  • Detection and prevention of tampering, reverse engineering and IP theft
  • Enterprise app distribution and policy management
  • Real-time threat analytics data for apps in the wild
  • Advanced global threat team providing comprehensive incident and emergency response
  • Dedicated enterprise customer success and professional services team


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