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Comprehensive and Innovative Child Care Software and Services

Founded in 2016 with the mission to ensure that every child has access to care and education that helps them realize their full potential, Wonderschool works with state and local governments, employers looking to assist their workforce with child care access, and local providers and families across the country to achieve this goal.

Whether it be addressing child care deserts with our New Supply Program, integrating with existing data systems to give state and local programs robust and holistic data and insights, or an Employer Partner using our Concierge Service to empower their workforce in finding the best child care for their unique needs, Wonderschool has diverse and innovative solutions to offer.

When planning implementation strategies and building partnerships within communities, Wonderschool serves as a trusted broker of resources and support targeting successful outcomes for providers. Wonderschool team members align our approach via the following guiding principles: establish trust, pursue achievable outcomes, and deepen engagement.

Wonderschool has a strong record of supporting historically underserved community members across the country in starting and running successful child care programs. Since 62% of child care providers using Wonderschool’s technology identify as women of color, Wonderschool recently completed its Series B funding through Goldman Sachs’ One Million Black Women Initiative. This initiative invests in organizations that address the financial health and digital connectivity of black women entrepreneurs in child care, among other key industries.

Through our model of building and supporting licensed, in-home early childhood programs, Wonderschool also helps strengthen and enrich communities for multiple generations. This impact is especially profound in historically underserved communities, where high quality early childhood learning and care has been proven to lead to better outcomes for children in education, health, social behaviors, and future employment. The multiple ways in which we positively affect communities was recognized by Wonderschool being named to the Time 100 Most Influential Companies of 2022 list.