Bringing the AI revolution to training & decision support

Navigating modern training needs with data-driven precision

Eduworks' TIDES platform is a modern solution for developing Training Needs Analysis and Training Curriculums that enables competency-based learning and training. TIDES guides Training Professionals in creating a competency-based syllabus, locating training gaps, and evaluating the effectiveness of that training.

Powerful media analytics to detect deepfake speech in the age of AI

Eduworks is the developer of Realtime Enhanced Voice Authentication (REVA), a machine learning-powered platform for detecting synthetically-generated human speech ("Deepfakes"). Adversaries use synthetically generated human speech to spoof identities in audio and video, and use this disinformation to impersonate, compromise and deceive.  Deepfake technology is increasingly widespread, sophisticated and difficult to detect, thereby requiring a powerful tool to detect deepfakes.

REVA employs advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze video and audio and provide real-time notification of deepfakes, enabling any user to recognize, react and respond instantly.

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