Unlock Real-Time Translation for Public Sector Efficiency

OneMeta is revolutionizing communication within the public sector by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to break down language barriers and streamline interactions across diverse linguistic landscapes. Our suite of products, including VerbumCall, Verbum for Microsoft Teams, and VerbumOnsite, offers transformative solutions that enable real-time, accurate translation and transcription services, ensuring that no voice goes unheard and no message gets lost in translation.

VerbumCall stands out by allowing real-time voice translation over the phone, integrating seamlessly with existing communication systems without the need for internet connectivity. This tool is particularly beneficial for public sector entities dealing with crisis situations where quick, clear, and reliable communication across various languages is crucial.

Verbum for Microsoft Teams enhances accessibility and inclusivity in MS Teams meetings by providing real-time translation and transcription directly for Teams users. This integration ensures that every participant, regardless of their native language, can fully engage and contribute to discussions. With independent language selection for each participant, 3-languages automated chat translation and real-time captions it is now an invaluable tool for international collaborations and multi-lingual engagements.

VerbumOnsite brings the power of immediate verbal translation to Public Events, Congresses, and Public Conferences, helping all attendees to be included in the conversation. While the speaker talks the attendees will be able to read captions through a QR code on their mobile phones or read captions over the event screens.

The public sector faces unique challenges in serving increasingly diverse populations. OneMeta’s solutions foster inclusivity and enhance service delivery by ensuring that language barriers do not impede access to vital public services. From improving accuracy response in emergency situations to facilitating smoother daily operations across various government departments, OneMeta’s AI-driven language tools are designed to support the critical needs of the public sector.

By integrating OneMeta’s products, public agencies can significantly improve their operational efficiency, enhance the quality of their services, and ensure equitable access to all individuals, regardless of language. This commitment to innovation and accessibility helps build trust within communities, promoting a more inclusive and understanding public service environment.

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