The Yext platform lets businesses control their brand facts in the cloud and sync it to more than 150 services and applications, which we refer to as our Knowledge Network, and includes Amazon Alexa, Apple Maps, Bing, Cortana, Facebook, Google, Google Assistant, Google Maps, Siri and Yelp. Brand facts is the structured information that an organization or business wants to make publicly accessible. For example, in the public sector, the address, phone number or hours of a government agency; in healthcare, the health insurances accepted by a physician or the precise drop off point of the emergency room at a hospital campus; or in finance, the ATM locations, retail bank holiday hours or insurance agent biographies. We believe a business is the ultimate authority on its own brand facts, and it is our mission to put perfect answers everywhere.


  • Yext Knowledge Graph

    Yext’s best-in-class, cloud-based data management platform for all the facts consumers seek about your brand, locations, professionals, events, products, and more.

  • Yext Pages

    Yext Pages puts your marketing team in control of your brand’s landing pages — ensuring consumers can find optimized, accurate, and consistent answers about your locations, events, professionals, offers, and more, no matter how they’re searching.

  • Yext Listings

    With direct integrations across the Yext Knowledge Network of 150+ digital services globally, including Google, Amazon Alexa, Apple Maps, Bing, Facebook, and Yahoo, Yext Listings puts you in control of the facts about your business — everywhere consumers are searching.

  • Yext Reviews

    Yext Reviews helps you build a customer-centric review management program by monitoring and analyzing reviews across Facebook, Google, TripAdvisor, and more within the Yext Knowledge Network, engaging customers through response, and generating authentic reviews directly from your customers.

  • Yext Analytics

    With information about your brand scattered across the digital ecosystem, it’s never been possible to see a single, complete view of how customers are interacting with your business. Yext Analytics brings customer interactions into focus — everywhere they occur.

  • Yext App Directory

    The Yext App Directory leverages pre-built integrations with applications like Zapier, HubSpot, Zendesk, Tableau, Domo, and more to extend the power of your Knowledge Graph to the systems and processes you use every day. Apps in the App Directory support automated workflows to accomplish tasks like updating the data you store in the Knowledge Graph, requesting reviews, and measuring your performance.

  • Yext Answers

    Yext Answers is a search engine for your website that converts user intent into action. Traditional site search uses keyword matching to return a list of blue links. Because Yext Answers is built on top of the Knowledge Graph, users can ask questions and get direct answers about your locations, professionals, events, and any other entities in Yext.