Comprehensive Licensing & Regulatory SaaS

Gov2Biz is a cutting-edge regulatory agency management SaaS platform that enables seamless collaboration between governments and its constituents.

Gov2Biz’s comprehensive suite of SaaS products, including Licensing, Permitting, Inspections, Enforcement, Legal Case Management, and Taxation, caters to the diverse needs of government regulatory agencies. With a mobile compatible, user-friendly interface, role-based access, efficient workflows, advanced search capabilities, automated notifications, and more, Gov2Biz consolidates all customer facing and internal operations of government agencies into a single, powerful platform.

Designed exclusively for governments, Gov2Biz leverages industry-leading technology and a deep understanding of licensing and regulatory processes. Trusted by government entities throughout the United States, our platform facilitates quick decision-making, enables prompt action, and ensures exceptional service to constituents across various industries and regulatory scopes.

Gov2Biz is an AWS Native SaaS, AWS Public Sector Partner and AWS Advanced Technology Partner.

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