Creating Outcomes of Happiness, Health and Economics Through Digital Transformation

With expertise in both the public and private sectors, MTX Group Inc helps organizations across industries modernize and transform by providing configurable, agile solution design and implementation, and by consistently leading with outcomes. MTX solutions offer a competitive edge and prime organizations for business success. Our passion for business innovation creates powerful opportunities to help clients stay ahead of change, deliver impact in the communities they serve, and transform disruption into lasting value.

In the public sector, MTX enhances business performance and helps businesses reach their ultimate vision with out-of-the-box capabilities that are unique and customized to each organization’s specific needs — with outcomes in mind around happiness, health and economics. MTX serves industries including government, transportation, education, health and life sciences, financial services, and mobile solution services, as well as many more.

Our key differentiators include zero failed projects, speed to market, our platinum level Salesforce partnership, change enablement, and client satisfaction. These differentiators mean a few things: We have never walked away from a client. We understand the importance of rapid deployment and the ability to respond quickly to fast-changing conditions. We have successfully completed more public sector implementations than any other system integrator organization. We begin each project with a roadmap for adoption and enduring success, and we never settle until we have fulfilled our duties to each client. It is these promises which allow us to accelerate businesses’ growth and innovation, worldwide. 

We pride ourselves on having built an organization around subject matter expertise. We rely on individuals who have experienced challenges from the other side to inform our solutions and services, ensuring that we are a trusted and knowledgeable partner to bring other organizations on their digital transformation journey.

Known for public sector solutions, MTX has delivered successful transformation projects in over 35 states and in a range of industries. Our agile, interoperable and fast services bring disruptive innovation into the technology consulting landscape.

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