Deploy AI and Salesforce Apps Faster and with Less Risk

Stack Moxie is a monitoring and observability technology for complex Salesforce technology stacks. The technology can monitor the performance of constituent, applicant, patient facing engagement modalities like chat bots, email, websites, portals, to make sure they system, and all the technology behind it, works as expected. Analytics professionals use Stack Moxie to automated Launch Quality Assurance, so analytics are working. Website team use us for migration testing or sharing requirements with Salesforce admins.

In 2024, Stack Moxie introduced pre-deployment testing for AI and large-language models. Before an AI service is selected, Stack Moxie can evaluate the AI on 7 levels of fit agains the company's specific technology and needs. During deployment, Stack Moxie creates synthetic (test) data by simulating user behavior, and can do robust testing. Finally, after AI is deployed, Stack Moxie can monitor the system against the source of truth to make sure the system doesn't start drifting or hallucinating. 

One example of this is a support Chat Bot. Stack Moxie would test multiple chat bots against 7 standards to objectively determine which bot or prompts are performing best against the specific scenario. Then Stack Moxie would have dozens of conversations with the AI Chat Bot, validating that the information reported by the Chat Bot matches what is stored in Salesforce or Support Documentation. Finally, Stack Moxie would observe the engagements post deployment to make sure that system updates or model updates don't break anything.

Stack Moxie can engage from chat, voice, email or website engagement modalities.