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CARTO for Cities & Government CARTO is a cloud native Location Intelligence platform that helps government agencies analyze data to make better decisions concerning their resources, infrastructure and citizen services. With access to thousands of open and premium datasets, and compatibility with the most common cloud data warehouses, CARTO empowers users so they can enhance urban & mobility planning, build smarter cities, better respond to the climate change impacts on infrastructure, and drive impactful equity action plans.

Urban & Mobility planning
CARTO supports cities with their mobility planning initiatives, enabling governments to utilize spatial data and analysis to address pressing social and environmental issues. This includes analyzing mobility patterns through origin-destination matrices and spatial models, resulting in optimized public transport infrastructures.

With growing urban populations projected to reach 68% by 2050, alternative methods of transportation such as bikes and scooters have become increasingly popular. Location data and analysis play an important role in uncovering key mobility insights for transport modeling, that consider thousands of data points to optimize sustainable fleet planning and usage. Additionally, CARTO can guide urban planning efforts by providing insights on population density, and infrastructure needs. This, in turn, leads to reduced traffic congestion, improved road safety and more livable cities. For example, San Diego is using a CARTO geospatial solution to monitor real-time traffic conditions and make data-driven decisions which reduce traffic loads across the city.

Equity Index Insights
Ensuring equal access to resources is a vital component of sustainable development. Spatial analysis can provide flexible and intuitive dashboards that layer & join multiple data sources to showcase how different areas compare in their access to key services and infrastructure. These valuable spatial insights play a fundamental role in prioritizing local investments to ensure more equitable improvements across all communities.

Smart Cities
With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), CARTO is enabling smarter, data-driven approaches to tackle pressing issues such as waste management and energy consumption, leading to significant reductions in operational costs across the city. For example, CARTO has helped Telefónica develop Urbo, a Smart Cities dashboard that provides real-time insights to decision-makers in different roles throughout the city. Leveraging machine learning algorithms, the solution helps cities optimize their resources and align key performance indicators (KPIs) to reduce their carbon footprint, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Climate Resilience
CARTO for Climate Insights is a spatial analysis platform  that helps drive key climate resilience decisions. The solution combines agency infrastructure data, earth observation, third-party spatial data, and advanced analytics capabilities to provide policy makers with  powerful spatial insights. The platform provides policy makers with a better understanding of current and future climate-related risks impacting roads, coastal areas and other built infrastructures.

Additionally, CARTO for climate insights is built for Google Cloud and natively integrates with BigQuery, providing seamless access to thousands of relevant spatial datasets. Government agencies can run advanced analytics to identify climate related risks, evaluate their impact and use insights to prioritize key infrastructure investments.