DHS Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation Program


Department of Homeland Security Continuous Diagnostics
and Mitigation, Tools and Continuous Monitoring as a Service

The need to protect government networks is more paramount than ever. Government networks and systems contain sensitive data on everything from healthcare information to national security. With the increased connectivity between agencies, the risk is even higher for attack from injected viruses, disrupted operations and stolen information.

The Department of Homeland Security has initiated a program to safeguard and secure Federal Information Technology (IT) networks from cyber-security threats. Under the Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program all federal executive branch civilian agencies, state and local agencies will have access to continuous monitoring sensors, diagnosis, mitigation tools, dashboards, and continuous monitoring as a service(CmaaS) to strengthen the security posture of government networks. The program's goal is to protect cyberspace environments from cyber-attack threats that are continuously growing and evolving.

The CDM program is designed to provide capabilities and tools that enable network administrators to be constantly aware of the state of their respective networks, understand relative risks and threats, and identify and mitigate flaws at near-network speed. DHS works with its partners across agencies to deploy and maintain these capabilities and tools as listed in the functional areas and present the information in an automated and continuously-updated dashboard.

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