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Helping Districts create a Data-informed Culture in Education

At Innive, we have a deep passion to serve school districts and education agencies by helping to ensure decisions are data-informed with integrated analytics and big data integration. Via our solutions for PreK12 education, we equip districts with the analytical power of self-service access to data. This allows our customers to have the information they want and have access to tools to customize and analyze their own content and related information. Learn more about Innive by visiting www.k12360.com.

How we can help

Managed Data Services

Innive delivers quality managed hosting and application services for Ed-Fi Operational Data Store, data warehouse and/or K12 360° Datasets. This SLA-based service offering includes hosting, build & deploy, comprehensive systems maintenance, and responsive upgrade support. Innive supports data interoperability and digital transformation with a modern cloud infrastructure that provides scalability, agility, and real-time analytics.

Role Based Dashboards

Our dashboards are designed to support informed decision making in common roles across PreK12 education and district administration. K12 360° Analytics Products present users with the most relevant data as determined for their role. Role-based analytics are better suited for informing day-to-day activities in support of the district’s strategic plan and they make data access and discovery easier for district leadership. A robust security model controls user access based on job designations.

Modern Data Infrastructure

Our solutions are built with a data warehouse that follows the data vault methodology instead of older data modeling techniques that lack the ability to adequately support expedited integration of new or changing data sources. Innive collaborates closely with our partners to deliver a solution to work with your system’s needs. The data vault methodology provides the flexibility and scalability needed in a school district.

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